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How many types of massage can you think of off the top of your head? How many of these have you tried?

​Better yet, have you tried Reflexology?

Some liken it to a foot massage but until you have experienced Clinical Reflexology you don't know what your body has been missing......


Nepal - Donate Today

​​***Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund*** 

Please consider donating to The Mountain Fund. Your contributions will go directly to help feed, clothe and house women, children and the people of Nepal; this is especially important after the devastating crisis of the 2015 earthquake.

Even though it was over a year ago, the people of Nepal still need our help. No new permanent buildings are allowed to be constructed in the kathmandu Valley until the government gives the go ahead. Fuel shortages are prevalent and power is still being sold at a rate that means everyday Nepalis are restricted to approx 4 hours usage per day, these and other impositions have put many peoples life on hold. Please help us to lesson the burdens in Nepal.

Doing what works to give a hand up, not a hand out

​Treat yourself with a special

Have you walked barefoot today?