New Services

Massage and Acupressure with Keystone 

Relax even deeper with our new Master Keystone Guided Imagery.

Choose from topics such as Relaxation, Motivation, Sleeplessness to enhance your treatment.

We have Guided Imagery from Deepak Chopra, Debra Wade, Dr Emmett Miller and more...


Not too sure what to expect or how this modality can aid your body in its natural healing abilities? Do you wonder:

What is Reflexology?
How to detox your body without chemicals?
How to deal with stress / anxiety?

Auricular, hand and foot reflexology can assist in the management of these and other imbalances. 

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​Services we offer

Please note that reflexology is not a replacement for medical treatment


Personalized Reflexology sessions are target specific to your requirements. Initial session includes an additional free 15 minute well-being history consultation; no additional fee.



  • 60 MIN      SESSION      $79.00           
  • 90 MIN      SESSION      $109.00           

Full range of services available through our schedulicity booking service. 


Discounted Rates:

  • Students                          10% off standard rates with ID
  • Pensioners                       10% off standard rates with ID
  • 6 card session                  Pay for 5 and receive 6th free           

                                           (advanced payments only)​

* Sessions of 60 minute or 90 minute duration.




​Gift Certificates also available



Welcome to Lizardprints Reflexology, where your physical and mental health is addressed from the ground up, using your feet!

Do you have a specific condition that needs rebalancing; perhaps stress is imposing on your sleep patterns, tired and aching muscles limiting your ability to exercise or work, or your hormones are in need of rebalancing. Come in and hit the reset button to a healthier you.

Walk (Reflex) your way to better health with Lizardprints Reflexology.