Reflexology reflexes and maps follow the structure of the body.

Head reflexes are located in the toes and fingertips.

Organs of the chest cavity are located in the ball of the foot and metacarpal head area of the hand.

Abdominal organs are reflected in the soft arch of the foot and pad of hand.

Therefore you can visualize the torso and head directly onto the maps.

Lateral edges of hands and feet correspond with limbs as the medial aspect depicts the spine.


Resources & maps


Recommended Reading

  • BAD FEET - BAD SPINE   by Dr Roy S Ashton
  • STORIES THE FEET CAN TELL   by Eunice Igham
  • REFLEX ZONE THERAPY OF THE FEET   by Hanne Marquardt

Research Links

  • Reflexology Research Project
  • National Institutes of Health
  • University of Minnesota
  • Manzanares Method
  • Aromaflex Academy 
  • USA Reflexology Association

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