Today many practices' of Reflexology greatly typify that of                          teachings of utilizing reflex points of the feet, hands & ears to aid in the rebalancing of corresponding organs and glands via the nervous system. Pressure from the hands is applied by the practitioner to the specific reflex points, no instruments are used.


  • Enhanced mental clarity 
  • Greater physical health
  • Improved circulation
  • Pain relief
  • Reduced stress & tension
  • Relaxation


The earliest depiction of Reflexology was found in the Egyptian Tomb of Ankhm'ahor, dated 2330BC; the depiction represented treatment of hands and feet.

Over many centuries various physiologists, anatomists and neurologists studied the cause and effect of acupressure and acupuncture type 'treatments' on patients, notably on the nerve responses.

Ear, nose & throat surgeon Dr William Fitzgerald (1872 - 1942) discovered that by applying pressure to certain reflex points on the body he could numb corresponding areas, he utilized this anethisizing aspect in his practice and developed                     . 

This practice, taken up and studied by many medical and holistic professionals, including the renown Eunice Ingham (1889 - 1974) has been refined, utilized, taught and published in various editions.

Liz(ard) trained in Reflexology in her homeland of New Zealand.  Gaining her 2012 ITEC Diploma of Reflexology at the Aromaflex Academy in Nelson. This extensive 1200 hr program utilized the Eunice Igham Reflexology Method, alongside anatomy & physiology, pathology, aromatherapy, & small business management.​ Moving to the East Bay San Francsico and sitting on the board of RAC - Reflexology Association of California as Recording secretary and Historics.

Liz spent 2017 under the guidance of McKinnon Body Therapy Centre where she specialized in Acupressure. Gaining her CAMTC State Licence in massage and completing the USA MBLEX National Massage Boards.
* Acupressure                   * Lymphatic Drainage                 * Massage for Cancer  
* Pre and Peri Natal          * Shiatsu                                    * Swedish      
* Touch & Trauma             * Acupressure for womens health

Prior to Reflexology, Liz spent 20 years in the outdoor industry, primarily in New Zealand, as well as Europe, Australia, and the United States. This work included environmental conservation, adventure guiding, white water rafting, caving, hiking & lodge managing. Her love of nature and the outdoor lifestyle has given her great insight into how our bodies adapt (or not) to the vast environmental, physiological and mental stresses that we constantly put ourselves in.

Liz utilizes essential oils in her practice to stimulate the mind, body and soul.

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